Our Jewelry is Handmade with Gemstones, Authentic African Beads & Paper beads, which are apart of the World Fair Trade Organization.

Hand painted Beads from Nairobi & Ghana.

Izzily Waisted beads 90% of our Waist beads in-house. We now obtain 10% from Accra Ghana so that we also offer Genuine African Waist beads.

Our Bracelets are Elastic Stretch, Clasped & Wrap Style.

  • Lisa C.

    Izzily Waisted!!!!! Warning…Long Review! She not only makes beautiful waist beads. She also repaired mine without hesitation when I broke them trying to tie them on. The beads for her bracelets benefit 3rd world countries. Isalene’s customer service is always on point. Most will keep a trade for their own benefit but Not Isalene. She has online classes teaching how to strand the beads!! Who does that? It’s all about passing on what you know. Thank You Isalene

  • Shondalon F.

    With summer fastly approaching my waist beads are keeping me on track. I love my beads because they are not to big and the lay against my body nicely with my outfits 💜💜💜

  • Bayyinah QueenBee

    I’m really particular when it comes to buying jewelry, bracelet wraps. The bracelets wraps that I got from Izzily Waisted are absolutely beautiful and comfortably fit my “curvy-girl” wrist. I really love the beautiful touch of the added charms. You will love the loving care that goes into each piece - prepare to be amazed!